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About Us

Youth SOL is the youth and youth allies organizing branch of Brockton Interfaith Community. Committed to the total liberation of all people, Youth SOL is especially dedicated to young people's liberation and seeks to empower youth to listen to each other and to believe in and use their voices to be powerful agents of the changes they want to see in their own communities, while the youth empower the community to do the same. 

Our Mission

In a world where most adults struggle to believe change is possible, Youth SOL’s mission is for youth to experience being agents of change while they still believe they can be, so that they never begin to believe they can’t be. 

Photo Credits: Karen Elliott Greisdorf

Organizing Teams

Education Team

BIC's Education Team, consisting of both youth and youth allies, has been organizing since 2016. The team has focused on issues of education funding,  school culture, undoing racist policies, and imagining liberatory models of education. With many wins over the years, including leading in the fight in MA for changing the funding formula, mandatory bias trainings for education staff in Brockton Public Schools, policy changes and more, this team founded the Brockton Coalition for Education Justice and works with partners across the city toward liberation in our education system. 

School Policy Team

The School Policy Team is a youth led team that has been organizing together since November 2022. In the summer of 2023, the team celebrated a major win of changing a 50 year old, oppressive attendance policy at Brockton High School! 

They have partnered with the Brockton Coalition for Education Justice to address the pervasive issues of systemic racism within Brockton Public Schools. Students collaborated with BCEJ to run a sticker campaign, protesting the use of MCAS in Brockton High School. The team envisions an inclusive and supportive environment for ALL students.

Food Justice

The Food Justice Team is a youth led team that has been organizing together since October 2022. The initial goal of improving the quality, nutritional value, and cultural relevance of school meals, both in Brockton Public Schools and across the state, has expanded to bringing Food Justice to the City of Brockton.

Community Safety Team

The Community Safety Team is a youth led team dedicated to tackling the pressing issue of community violence and its profound effects on young people. The team is dedicated to community based solutions for both prevention and response to violence, especially as it pertains to youth, in our city.

Contact Us

Director of Youth and Youth Ally Organizing : Michaela Lauture

Email: michaela@brocktoninterfaith.org

Phone: 774-5395262

Brockton Interfaith Community advocates at the state level as MCAN and at the national level as Faith in Action.

Brockton Interfaith Community is a not-for-profit organization serving the greater Brockton community. BIC is not a political organization and  does not align with, or promote, any specific political ideology. BIC is non-partisan and is not aligned explicitly or implicitly with any candidate or party. We do not endorse or support candidates for office. We do no promote, align with, or teach any specific faith based ideology.